Terms of Hire

Standard conditions for camera hire and sale of products in England and Wales:

Terms of Hire Requirements:

* Photo ID – We only accept either a passport and/or driving license.

* Credit / Debit Card – For first time hire we require payment in full.
We do not accept cash, cheques or Visa Electron.

* Proof of Address – This must match the registered address of the card you are paying with; for example a utility bill, credit card or bank statement (excludes all invoices, mobile phone and television/media bills)

* Completed Account Form –
The form must be completed in full and signed to agree to our Terms & Conditions.
This can take up to 48 hours to process.

Download Our Full Ts&Cs Here

Equipment Insurance:

* If you are not insured you are liable for 100% the cost of replacement and loss of hire charges. Please contact one of the following equipment insurance companies. When hiring film lenses, large format cameras or the RED One Camera full equipment, insurance will be required:

Andrew Leen
Performance Insurance
Direct: 0845 112 0104