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RED Epic-M/Epic X

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Price; Sensor -; Mount -; On Board Recording -; Four years in the making, the RED Epic finally arrived in mid 2011 as a prototype unit on such feature films as Jack the Giant Killer, Prometheus and Total Recall. Initially hand machined, the Epic is a solid, compact digital camera system with the most advanced sensor on the planet.; Recording incredible speeds at up to 5K (5120×2700 17:9 Resolution) the Epic is the most versatile camera available. The Epic can shoot between 1-300 FPS at between 2k and 5k resolution, in a variety of different modes including 2:1, 16:9 and Anamorphic.; Combined with it’s high specification and incredibly small size, additional modules can later be added giving extra interface options, wireless video, proxy recording and more. It’s revolutionary 128GB SSD Redmag recording is both stable and economical, recording Redcode RAW in a range of compressions from 3:1-18:1.; The RED Epic is a new and exciting digital cinema camera, and whilst still in it’s early stages is more reliable than the previous generation of RED cameras with a much higher spec. The lingering issues with the RED and RED MX cameras are eliminated and the images are incredible, so call today for a demo or to see if the Epic is right for your production.