Film Finance

Filmscape can offer small investments into Feature Films and high-end Television projects. These investments are dependent on the use of Filmscape equipment and/or studio use.


The main criteria is that Filmscape equipment is used and the equipment budget is at the right level for us to work with. We also require insurance cover for the equipment.


Filmscape has a joint venture with London post production house Lipsync. This enables both companies to increase their investment offering. Investment is on the basis that both Filmscape equipment and Lipsync post production services are utilised by the production.


If you have more questions or would like to approach Filmscape to invest in your project, please write to

Please send through the following information:

  • Top sheet budget
  • Detailed equipment budget and Post Production budget
  • Outline of who is involved with the project
  • Up to date outline of the finance attached and recoupment details