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Red Epic M Dragon 6K

With a massive 16.5 stops of dynamic range and 6k resolution, the new RED Epic Dragon is the most powerful sensor on the market. This carbon fiber model also shaves off a pound of weight. Available today.


Arri Alexa XT Cameras

The Arri Alexa XT is now available for hire at Filmscape Media.

Codex recorders have long been the only method for recording ArriRAW. Now the XT allows you to use all the functionality of a Codex recorder built into an Alexa body, with all the additional functions of the 4:3 Alexas included.


Sony F65 and F55

The Sony F65 and F55 are two of the most advanced digital camera systems in the world.

The F65 comes with an 8K sensor, on board RAW recording and a large array of codecs and compression options from 1080p 4:2:2 to 16Gb RAW.

The F55 is smaller, lighter and more affordable, whilst still enabling 4K RAW recording, 4:4:4 HD and high frame rates.


Canon C300 in EF and PL

The Canon C300 provides broadcast ready 50mb/s recording at 1080p in a lightweight package. With PL and EF options the camera is perfect for documentary and broadcast work and can take advantage of a huge range of small Canon EOS lenses as well as more traditional film lenses such as Ultraprimes, Cookes and Angeniuex zooms.

Red Epic M

Red Epic X and M

The RED Epic offers the highest resolution of any production camera and a huge variety of framerates up to 300fps.

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Angeniuex Optimo 45-120mm T2.8

With an incredible 45-120mm range, the new Angeniuex Optimo zoom joins the staple 15-40mm and 28-76mm zooms in being short, lightweight and fast.


Power Rangers – Megaforce

Client: Imagezone NZ

Format: Arri Alexa

Supplied: Camera and grip equipment supplied by   Filmscape Media and Imagezone NZ


A Young Doctor’s Notebook Season 2

Client: Big Talk Productions

Format: Arri Alexa

Delivery: Four Part Drama

Supplied: Camera equipment supplied by Filmscape Media


Filmscape Studios

Filmscape’s 6000sqft studio complex in West London. Cameras and lighting on site. Full pre lit 25ft with rigged lighting grid. Visit for all the info, or call us on 0208 992 3556.

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Filmscape Media provide digital 35mm cameras, lenses, grip, sound and lighting equipment to the film and television industry.

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About Us

Filmscape Media provide Digital 35mm cameras, grip, audio and lighting hire to the film and television industry.

We are digital cinema pioneers and continually invest in the latest digital technology. Our inventory includes the Arri ALEXA, EPIC-M, RED ONE with Mysterium X, Canon 7D/5D MkII, Sony PMW-EX3/1.

All of our equipment is maintained to the highest possible standards to ensure that your shoot can run smoothly.

Our team have all worked on the camera floor and understand the importance of perfection, knowledge, reliability and service. We constantly strive to provide this to all our customers.

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At Filmscape we consider ourselves as a member of your production team who will always go that extra mile to ensure your production runs smoothly and effectively as possible.

We understand that every production is different and that budgets are becoming ever tighter.

Please call us on 0208 992 3556 to discuss your project and how we can accommodate your needs.

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